Losing weight and then successfully keeping it off is challenging. Not impossible, but challenging nonetheless. Some people are diet over-achievers. […]


While women are about twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety, men also suffer the consequences of this disorder. […]


You’ve tried pain relievers and physical therapy for ongoing pain in your joints. But, you’ve noticed you’re not completely pain-free […]


If you want to be steady on your feet, run like the wind, or easily do an impressive vertical jump […]


As amazing as our bodies can function, sometimes certain foods can play havoc with our digestive system. You would think […]


February is National American Heart Month, 28 days of promoting heart disease awareness, knowing the risk factors associated with the […]


When men gain weight, it invariably goes straight to their bellies. Call it what you want, belly fat is an […]


Habits are the futuristic lifeblood of what determines our overall health. Every day, we all have certain habits or our […]


Men – do you suffer from migraines, poor glucose control, or experience irregular heartbeats? One possible reason for these conditions […]


Body fat, aka adipose tissue, is as relevant and influential as our brain, heart, or other body organs for sustaining […]


Bored with burpees, planks, and situps? Then consider doing the bear crawl. While it looks deceptively easy, this underrated core […]


Both cigarettes and vaping are legal products to use, but both also come with various health ramifications, particularly regarding cancer. […]


Worldwide, men experience erectile dysfunction (ED) affecting their ability to get and maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. […]


According to a new study, people with type 2 diabetes following an intermittent fasting diet plan may achieve diabetes remission, […]


The signs of Peyronie’s disease are not always what you expect. For instance, a certain TV commercial uses a “bent […]


Achieving and reaching a healthy, sustained weight is possible – it is! But, if you’ve lost weight in the past […]


Likely you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United […]


A morning workout is your ticket to good health and well-being It gets your blood flowing, your heart pounding, and […]


A recent Swedish study of more than 23,000 men found active surveillance if the most appropriate treatment for older men […]


A new study suggests that men with low testosterone or “low T” have a higher incidence of severe COVID-19 than […]


One of the primary reasons for starting an exercise regimen is to drop a few pounds.  But, what if you […]


Men, before you eat that fast food burger with fries, washed down by a sugary beverage, stop at once. Published […]


One of the primary reasons for starting an exercise regimen is to drop a few pounds.  But, what if you […]

Even though there might be no question of urinary incontinence, the years keep taking their toll on you. If you […]


Whenever you do weight lifting or strength training, it can be broken down into three portions: concentric, isometric, and eccentric […]

To live a long and healthy life, free of disease, is a substantial achievement. Great health rarely “just happens.” It’s […]


  Outward appearances among humans vary widely. Hair, eye, and skin color may come in many different hues, but our […]

The annual physical exam is an important part of a man’s life. The key components to a complete exam are […]


Caffeine – it’s either beloved or maligned, it seems. However, many studies have found this natural stimulant found in coffee, […]


An increasingly common condition seen in men is male hypogonadism.  Male hypogonadism is when the testicles are not making normal […]