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Dr. Samadi regularly shares his medical expertise on prostate cancer issues, tips on prevention, diagnosis, treatments, insights on possible causes and newly released research. You can find here Dr. David Samadi’s Fox News appearances where he was a medical correspondent during Sunday Housecall and during which he discussed topics concerning his urology expertise and general health and lifestyle issues, such as food and diet, exercising, vitamins, preventive conduct.

Besides being a frequent correspondent on Fox News, Dr. Samadi appeared on health podcasts, published articles, interviews and scientific studies. He shared his opinions worldwide, during international speeches, promoting prostate cancer awareness and the benefits of robotic surgery.

Although a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia is not available, we can still take action. There […]

Men prone to worry may increase risk of heart disease

Middle-aged men take note: You may be worrying yourself sick. A long-term study spanning more than four decades has found […]


Menopause is a major milestone in a woman’s lifetime. No more monthly menstrual cycles, no more concerns about unplanned pregnancies, […]

men's health book

Do you see yourself as being “over the hill” after your fiftieth birthday? Do you consider it a halfway point […]

psa test

PSA screening can save your life, know what your PSA is and get a second opinion. Thom Tillis was found […]

prostate cancer treatment with dr samadi

“How prostate cancer is treated will determine what a man’s life will look like in the future. You need to […]

smart surgery for prostate cancer

Individualized care by World Renowned Surgery Dr. David Samadi using SMART robotic surgery can save your life! 0/50 ratings

Dr David Samadi's book

“My book called “The Ultimate Manual” will give you the best roadmap to stay healthy and protect yourself against Covid […]

men's health guide

Dr. David Samadi has launched his new book, The Ultimate MANual, a guide to men’s health and wellness. 0/50 ratings

About 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed in 2017, according to the American Cancer Society. 0/50 ratings

David B. Samadi – World renowned urologist

The Untold Story of a World Renowned Surgeon 0/50 ratings

Dr. David Samadi to lawmakers: Bring in the doctors

David Samadi says the new health bill should focus on quality of care. 0/50 ratings

Dr. David Samadi on Fox News Insider

Fox News Insider is the place for all things Fox News Channel. 0/50 ratings

NY Daily News

Latest by Dr. David Samadi 0/50 ratings

Dr. David Samadi – Launches New Radio Show

World Health News on New York City’s WMCA am970 0/50 ratings

Dr. David Samadi on Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendations 0/50 ratings

Q&A with Dr. David Samadi 0/50 ratings

TV Segment With Dr. Jamie Wells and Dr. David Samadi 0/50 ratings

Fox News Sunday Housecall

A Scientifically Unsound Discussion About GMOs 0/50 ratings

David Samadi on Joe Piscopo’s show

Joe Piscopo chats with Dr. David Samadi 0/50 ratings

Too Many Multivitamins May Not Be Good for You dr samadi vitamin list

Too Many Multivitamins May Not Be Good for You 0/50 ratings

About David B. Samadi

Dr. David B. Samadi’s Biography 0/50 ratings

Dr. David Samadi Evaluates Prostate Cancer Treatment With Nonsurgical Light Therapy

Dr. David Samadi comments on results of a phase III clinical trial suggesting light therapy may be effective for men […]

Dr. Ali Kasraeian invites Dr. David Samadi as the special guest

Dr. David Samadi joins The Conversation to promote prostate cancer awareness 0/50 ratings

Lunch at The Four Seasons with: Dr. David Samadi

He was a Jew in Islamic Iran, and only 16 when his parents decided that David Samadi and his younger […]

Dr. David Samadi

New state-of-the-art facility on Cyprus and robotic surgical procedure on the front line against prostate cancer 0/50 ratings

The Spotty MMR Knowledge of Fox News’ Dr. David Samadi and Dr. Marc Siegel

Fox News had two reports with Dr. David Samadi and Dr. Marc Siegel as the medical experts. 0/50 ratings

David Samadi on Holistic Health Show on BBS Radio

Dr Carl O Helvie Interviewed Prostate Cancer Experts Using Cutting Edge Technology and Survivor on the Holistic Health Show 0/50 […]

Experience Matters: David B. Samadi

Advancing Robotic Prostate Surgeries Worldwide 0/50 ratings