Smart ways to improve prostate health

It’s not unusual for many men, particularly those under 50, to rarely think much about their prostate gland. Yet, when […]

How to overcome the challenges of exercising when obese

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Does your penis curve during an erection

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Man with stomach pain

All men (and women) have had the unpleasant ordeal of some kind of ‘digestive disorder’ making life miserable. Digestive issues […]

Worldwide, prostate cancer affects 1.3 million men and causes over 360,000 deaths each year. It is the second most prevalent […]


Research shows that exercising regularly is one of the best activities for improving our health. And to back up this […]


Milestone birthdays are either looked forward to or, more likely, dreaded.  Each year that goes by means one more year […]


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You’ve been working out hard (or so you thought) to get in shape and fit. Yet, you still are not […]

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It’s no secret that men can increase their chances of avoiding prostate problems by living a healthy lifestyle with regular […]


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