There is a lot of misinformation around COVID-19 and people are being confused. Dr. David Samadi shared important information in […]

prostate cancer dignosis

A prostate cancer diagnosis can affect you physically and emotionally. Watch the following video to learn more about why a […]

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Dr. David Samadi explains why corona patients should be treated in exclusive locations. Also, Dr. Samadi answers important questions about […]


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Dr. David Samadi offers precious insights on the robotic surgery technique, outlining the various benefits of this modern approach. Robotic […]

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Dr. David Samadi discusses the advantages and risk factors of HIFU, the High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Procedure for the treatment of […]

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In this Fox News interview, Dr. David B Samadi explains why MRI biopsies are so beneficial for a proper and […]

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drops in death rates from cancer

Prostate cancer statistics Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in the US. According to the American Cancer […]

Dr. David Samadi, urologic oncology expert and robotic surgeon, is currently affiliated with St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn, New York. Now […]

movember movement - grow your mustache

The significance of the Movember movement Movember or No shave month recognized annually during November, promotes awareness of health challenges men […]

Dr. David Samadi discusses the importance of a surgeon’s expertise, wether he is an open, laparoscopic or robotic surgeon, when […]

Dr. David Samadi is one of the nation’s leading urologic oncologists specializing in robotics and minimally invasive surgery for prostate […]

TOP 5 Dr. David Samadi’s Fox News appearances

Dr. David Samadi is one of the very few urologic surgeons in the United States trained in oncology, open, laparoscopic, […]

We all want to eat healthier, be healthier and as you know, a lot of us can’t do it with […]

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Choosing between the many variants of surgery or radiation, in case of prostate cancer, is a difficult decision. Often, doctors […]

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New prostate cancer support group at David Samadi’s Lenox Hill Department In September of 2017, Dr. David Samadi opened at […]

David Samadi Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital

There is something that affects millions of men every year and that’s prostate cancer. Urologist dr. David Samadi is one […]

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The subject of marijuana legalization is highly controversial. Even if this is a big topic in any debate, David Samadi […]

dr samadi urology

Dr. David Samadi is currently Chairman of Urology, Program Director of Urology Residency and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox […]

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We don’t pay attention to some of the issues that we’re dealing with, and stress is something that I think […]

Dr. David B. Samadi, Chairman of Urology & Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital joins Steve to discuss […]

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A new study shows how important it is for men to carefully consider treatments for early stage prostate cancer. 15 […]