Why losing weight can help treat erectile dysfunction

As we all know, gaining too much weight can have serious health consequences. Medical conditions like osteoarthritis, gout, diabetes, and heart disease are just a few of the adverse effects of being overweight. Unfortunately, men also need to worry about erectile dysfunction (ED) if they are carrying extra pounds. Men who are overweight or obese are at a higher risk for developing this condition. So to ensure a satisfying and fulfilling love life, men need to keep their waistlines in check.

A common approach for treating ED is often drugs or surgery in severe cases. However, men wanting to avoid drastic measurements can be reassured that simply shedding extra pounds may be the cure they seek.

When weight loss happens, men with ED often find their sex life takes off once again.  But it’s not all about his love life. Other important aspects of men’s health will also improve once excessive weight gain is shed. 

Besides correcting ED, here’s a look at what men can also expect by reaching a healthier body weight: 

Cardiovascular health will improve

It’s important to remember that the more weight men carry, the more strain it puts on their cardiovascular system. This can lead to a higher risk of heart failure, clogged arteries, and high blood pressure. Additionally, carrying excess weight can result in reduced blood flow, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, men must focus on losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to maintain healthy arteries, blood pressure, and good blood flow necessary for achieving an erection. 

Testosterone levels will improve

Excess weight can also affect hormone levels, including testosterone, directly impacting sex drive and performance. As you lose weight and exercise more, your body will produce more testosterone, increasing sex drive. So, taking steps to lose weight and improve your overall health can have a positive impact on your sexual health as well.

Self-confidence and self-esteem will improve 

It’s important to remember that erectile dysfunction can impact self-esteem. When you’re carrying around excess weight, this can contribute to poor body image and a lack of confidence. 

However, losing weight can provide a huge psychological boost that can play a significant role in sexual performance. So overall, before you consider drugs or surgery, talk to your doctor about a diet and exercise plan to help you shed the excess weight on your body. 

Even minor improvements in your weight health can make a big difference in your sexual health and can help you to feel better physically and mentally.


Dr. David Samadi is the Director of Men’s Health and Urologic Oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Long Island. He’s a renowned and highly successful board certified Urologic Oncologist Expert and Robotic Surgeon in New York City, regarded as one of the leading prostate surgeons in the U.S., with a vast expertise in prostate cancer treatment and Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy.  Dr. Samadi is a medical contributor to NewsMax TV and is also the author of The Ultimate MANual, Dr. Samadi’s Guide to Men’s Health and Wellness, available online both on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit Dr. Samadi’s websites at robotic oncology and prostate cancer 911. 

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