Dr. David Samadi’s opinion on Marijuana Legalization

The subject of marijuana legalization is highly controversial.

Even if this is a big topic in any debate, David Samadi believes that everyone should be civilized in talking about his without degenerating into attacks and insults.

Medical Marijuana is one of those subjects with pros and cons that kind of divides the country. Dr. David Samadi believes that the “train has left the station” because we already have 29 states that had legalized medical marijuana and on top of this seven states legalized recreational marijuana, with California being the one that just approved it this year, starting January 1st.

Jeff Sessions comments on trying to slow down this process as well as getting the attorney general of the United States involved in controlling this should be discussed, and everybody should have a civil conversation about this.

David Samadi thinks the kind of marijuana or THC (which is the main component of it) we see today is a lot more potent than what was available back in the 60s or 70s. It also differs from where you are getting in from exactly. This potent cannabis also started to be found in candy, cookies, and even drinks.

This is why David Samadi believes we need to be a little be extra careful because of the side effects this potent marijuana haves. The minute you start talking about some side effects marijuana has, some people will start pointing out alcohol and the fact that is legal, and smoking isn’t doing any harm.

Even though we don’t have some long-term studies, it has been proven that marijuana can affect your memory, it can affect your cognitive abilities, and in teenagers, it can affect their overall growing and developing. Side effects are real, and there is no denying this.

But then again, there is the second part of this story.

The medical marijuana and the beneficial effects it has on countless patients in the US.
Cancer patients especially had found marijuana to be beneficial, regarding their nausea and vomiting. For most post-chemo nausea this works great, Dr. David Samadi says.
Medical marijuana has also shown to be beneficial for chronic pain. So yes, you can use marijuana, but you need to be very very careful about how you use it.

First, you need to make sure you get it from a licensed physician and then figure out the dosage that’s appropriate for you because you don’t want any of the nasty side effects like dizziness, hallucinations, and psychosis. But the real question is the long-term effects of using marijuana even if you just do it for medical purposes.

Dr. David Samadi thinks that for many patients, even the ones with epilepsy (studies are showing it can help kids with seizures), medical marijuana, can help in places where modern medicine hasn’t really been helping. If we are talking about a desperate case, where kids are suffering, or we are talking about cases of Chron’s disease or even patients with AIDS, medical marijuana is a great way to restart the appetite.

For stage four prostate cancer patients, as well as other advanced cancers, where people are in great suffering and pain, medical marijuana can help.

Bottom line: If it is not controlled under the supervision of parents or the government and to use it just because it makes you feel good, David Samadi thinks we need to be very careful on how we use marijuana and just think about it beforehand.


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