Dr. David Samadi has performed prostate cancer surgery around the world

Dr. David Samadi is one of the nation’s leading urologic oncologists specializing in robotics and minimally invasive surgery for prostate cancer. He is a leader in prostate cancer treatment and Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy and has performed over 7000 robotic prostate surgeries. Let’s discover together his amazing work around the world!

SMART Robotic Prostate Removal Surgery Comes to Israel

Dr. David Samadi has performed Israel’s first ever “SMART Surgery” robotic prostate removal surgery at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, with three surgeries performed in total over the past three days.

Dr. Samadi says that the learning curve for robotic prostate surgery is steep and that he’s excited to have the opportunity to share his knowledge and to learn from the Israeli team in order to better serve patients.

In Tel-Aviv, Dr. Samadi has been collaborating closely with Dr. Jack Baniel of Rabin Medical Center and Dr. Jacob Ramon of Tel Hashomer Hospital to mentor fellow colleagues in Israel on his SMART Surgery Technique.

There’s a lot of information on www.smart-surgery.com about the several advantages of this modern technique over traditional prostate removal surgery.

Dr. Samadi On His Trip to Cyprus and New Institute of Robotic Surgery

Hosted by Dr. David Samadi, World Health News is your go-to podcast show for the latest in global health news, everyday health tips for men and women, sex life tips, healthy food, care and prevention ideas, cancer news and prevention, business of medicine, health politics, health pop culture, alternative medicine, books and more.

On this podcast, Dr. David Samadi discusses his trip to Cyprus and the new Institute of Robotic Surgery for training future robotic surgeons specialized in robotic technology for urology, gynecology and other fields. Dr. Panagiotou, the chairman of the board of the Meditteranean Hospital of Cyprus added, “I would like to take this opportunity and express my sincere appreciation towards Dr. Samadi for the launching of this Institute of Robotic Surgery in Cyprus, where doctors and patients across Cyprus and neighborly countries can benefit from his excellent medical expertise and results”.

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Robotic Prostate Surgery in the Dominican Republic

First Robotic Surgery CTR opens in the Dominican Republic! The Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago is now home to the brand-new David Samadi Robotic Institute and it comes at a time when medical tourism is increasingly popular. Nearly a million Americans per year seek health care outside the United States and the Caribbean is now known for high-quality low-cost procedures.

In some cases, patients can save up to 75% of what they would pay in the States. The Dominican Republic has long been a tourist destination for inexpensive plastic surgery and dental procedures. Now you can add to that a modern surgery: Da Vinci robot which is like an avatar where the surgeon manipulates with precision the robotic arms through a narrow incision to perform delicate operations.

The professional team of Robotic Surgery HOMS (Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago) consists of Dr. Spanish Rafael Sánchez, director of Unity; Juan Felix Chaplain José Alvarez Torres and Hector Sanchez Navarro. The first three are pioneers in laparoscopic surgery, surgical procedure started in Santiago in 1991, registering to date about 20,000 such surgeries.

Robotic prostatectomy achieves the same or better prostate cancer treatment results than a surgeon’s own hands in open or laparoscopic surgery. With the opening of this facility, a greater level of prostate cancer treatment has been brought to the Caribbean.

Peru Welcomes World-Renowned Robotic Prostate Surgeon, David Samadi

In Peru, Dr. Samadi was invited to join a group of physicians at the National Library of San Borja to share his extensive expertise in robotic prostatectomy and prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer success and the preservation of urinary control and sex after prostate cancer are the cornerstones of my SMART Surgery,” said Dr. Samadi. “Robotic prostate surgery proficiency requires a great deal of experience and I am pleased to be part of robotic surgery innovation and cancer treatment in Peru.”

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