Dr. David Samadi has been included in top three New York’s best urologists

Dr. David Samadi has recently been included in Top 3 Best Urologists in New York, based on a 50-Point Inspection that objectively and manually verifies everything from reputation, history, local testimonials, complaints, overall satisfaction, trust and cost to the general excellence.

Dr. Samadi’s New York practice at Lenox Hill receives praise from all over the country

Dr. Samadi’s New York wing at Lenox Hill hospital has been visited by thousands of patients that have all been amazed by the level of professionalism, dedication, tidiness and comfort that the doctors, medical assistants, other members of the crew and the overall ensemble provide. Based on tens or even hundreds of testimonials, from patients that have scheduled multiple appointments at doctors and hospitals both in New York and outside the state, Dr. Samadi’s private practice at Lenox Hill has left many patients speechless and amazed at the level of professionalism of the crew involved, the waiting rooms that don’t have the hospital feeling, the private rooms that are welcoming, clean and comfortable in every way and the top-notch surgical equipment and facilities.

lenox hill New york david samadi wing


„The private room on the executive floor of the hospital, where Dr. Samadi’s patients and their families are made to feel very much at home, was equipped with a small refrigerator for beverages, cable televisions, and pull out beds for relatives spending the night. Each room had a robe and slippers with toiletry supplies ready for the patients and menus for visitors to order breakfast, lunch or dinner.” Donald LR.  |  United States

“The wing at Lenox Hill is first class.  The nurses:  Camille, Carrie, Samira…oh what a blessing!!!!!  And Renee at the front desk was my personal cheerleader as I did my laps up and down the hall.  The food that my wife ate was excellent in both preparation and presentation!” Bryant H.  |  United States

“The next morning, we headed to Lenox Hill Hospital for Bill’s surgery. When we arrived, we were escorted to Dr. Samadi’s floor. Yes, he has his own beautiful floor in the hospital, one that several nurses on another floor referred to as the “executive suites”. Indeed, the rooms are 5 star. In addition, Dr. Samadi had his own chef who prepared the meals. He had his own hostess who came to the room to take the meal orders. The menu resembled that of a 5 star restaurant. And when the meals were delivered, they arrived on a table, which was double table-clothed with cloth napkins, long stem glasses, silverware, and silver lids over the food to keep it warm. A large leather recliner and a sofa were in the room. When evening came, a staff member surprised me by making the sofa into a bed. I knew I would be staying overnight with my husband for two evenings, but I never imagined a bed, merely a recliner or cot. There are no words to describe his handpicked staff – totally dedicated to him, but more importantly to the patients and their families. The nurses were wonderful, attentive, personable and caring. Never have we experienced such an environment in this setting. Everything was at our fingertips. I was overwhelmed and at times very emotional.” Bill McNew | United States

“We were handled in a manner, during my pre and post-surgery that is hard to describe as anything short of incredible.  The atmosphere of Dr. Samadi’s wing at Lenox Hill hospital was the most warm and caring group of professionals that I have ever encountered and I have had several stays in the hospital in my lifetime to compare it by.” Martin K. | United States


Prostate cancer statistics in New York

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the state of New York is in the top 5 states as far as the incidence of prostate cancer among men. Statistics for the year 2014 show that 118.5 men out of 100,000 will develop prostate cancer in their life. The death rate, fortunately, is lower in NY compared to other states: 18.8 out of 100,000 men will die of this disease.


david samadi new york prostate cancer incidence rate
Source: https://www.cdc.gov


david samady new york prostate cancer death rate
Source: https://www.cdc.gov

It is a known fact that ethnicity and age are important factors that increase the probability of a prostate cancer diagnosis. The group of Non-hispanic black men are much more likely to develop cancer in their prostate, with a rate of 186.8 out of 100,000, while the next affected group, that of non-hispanic white people, are at 107/100,000.

prostate cancer ethnicity
Source: https://www.statista.com/

Although one of the leading states in the USA in terms of the incidence of prostate cancer, New York’s low death rate is an indicator of the overall qualification of its urologists that dedicate their careers to curing men with prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi’s wing at Lenox Hill has been visited by thousands of prostate cancer patients that have each been treated with respect, care and the utmost interest towards curing their cancer and achieving the trifecta: low incontinence rate, maximum sexual function and complete eradication of the cancerous cells.

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