Best-kept secrets of sexually satisfied couples

What’s the secret to nurturing and maintaining a great sex life with your partner? How can long-term couples keep the spark lit and the fires burning with desire as years roll by? It may seem a mystery but in reality, it’s all about certain habits or routines couples do stoking the love within reaching sexual satisfaction in their relationship.

This type of sexual satisfaction can be reached when both partners are willing to work at it. All worthwhile goals are more achievable when working together with your loved one. Here’s how to achieve bliss in the bedroom reaching the pinnacle of sexual fulfillment over and over:

Practice sensual touching

Touch is a powerful action demonstrating connection and trust. Some couples may not touch one another until they fall into bed at night. That’s a mistake. Couples who frequently and spontaneously reach out and touch one another throughout the day, are showing affection and sexual desire each time. From brushing the hair out of your partner’s eyes to holding hands while watching TV, touch creates a stronger bond that makes intimacy in the bedroom more exciting and pleasurable. 

Act youthful

Just because you consider yourselves “over the hill,” does not mean you have to act like it. Be spontaneous and silly with one another. Laugh, have fun like you did when you dated. Be each other’s “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” playfully enjoying life that spills over into the bedroom

Have a flexible schedule for sex

Who says sex is only for bedtime? No one! If your libido is raring to go middle of the afternoon, go for it. Sexual needs vary throughout the day and being flexible for each other, takes the pressure off of waiting until dark in bed when you both are ready to fall fast asleep.

Take turns initiating sex

If the sexual side of your relationship is lopsided with only one of you making the move for sex, power struggles and feelings of rejection are likely. Learn to share the load and break the monotony. Have a frank discussion of possibly designating certain days of the week when each of you are in charge for initiating sex (if in the mood) or simply setting aside time caressing each other assessing if sparks fly or not.

Be complimentary of each other

All of us want to feel loved and attractive. When we express our gratitude, love, and affection for our partner, this stirs the pot for setting the scene for sex.  Knowing that your partner finds you still sexy and beautiful and wants to have sex with you, is a turn-on in and of itself.

Care about your appearance and health

When you take care of yourself, your self-worth and self-esteem improves. Keeping in shape and maintaining attractiveness certainly helps set the mood. But guess what? Your libido or desire for sex depends on your overall health. Lacking energy, dealing with a chronic disease, feeling out of shape are mood killers for sexual activity. Start by eating healthier foods, increasing exercise, and practicing good health habits helping pave the road to sexual satisfaction once again. 

Keep a tidy bedroom

Yes, making the bed each day and changing the sheets regularly makes a difference. It’s something about keeping this personal sanctuary fresh and clean making it more inviting for sexual intimacy.

Keep the lines of communication open

The only way to know what your partner wants sexually is to talk about it. Good communication skills support a healthy relationship necessary for satisfying sex. Sometimes it’s best to have this discussion apart from the bedroom. That way there is no pressure and no expectations at that moment, yet it helps open the door discovering what your partner finds stimulating and how you can fulfill that need. 

Be a team when doing daily chores

Working together on housework as a team can be a game changer for what happens in the bedroom.  Sharing chores creates respect, intimacy, and is a way of staying connected helping set the mood for sex. 

Create digital boundaries

To connect to your partner, set aside time to put away the phone, close the laptop and really pay attention to each other without scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. By having a “no-tech” time each day, you’ll be spending better quality time together when detached from devices. 

Plan activities together

If your relationship is based on get up out of bed, go to work, come home, and get back in bed, it’s time to build variety to your day. Plan to bond with your partner by planning fun activities you enjoy together. It might be hiking, going to a museum, going on a day trip, or finding new restaurants. This time together creates memories and a special connection you share ultimately influencing your sexual desire for one another. 

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