Domenico and Maria L. Luvera

Dear Dr. Samadi,
Today my husband, Domenico, is celebrating 12 years of his successful prostate cancer surgery done by you and your team.
Both of us want to say thank you again because you were not only the brilliant surgeon that performed the procedure, but also the person that gave us hope that everything was going to pe OK.
Domenico always remembers that from the first moment that he met you, he was convinced that you were the right doctor to take care of him.
We are always following your continued success and consider you and yours, part of our family.

Respectfully yours, love,

Domenico and Maria L. Luvera from Rochelle Park, NJ 

Winston Stewart, age 70

Dear Doctor Samadi,
I write to convey to you two simple, but important words. They are, THANK YOU.
THANK YOU for agreeing to see me on Friday, September 8.
THANK YOU for putting together such a warm, gracious and patient-centered team to receive the members of my party and myself upon our arrival.
THANK YOU for the great respect that both you and your staff demonstrated for the invaluable asset we call time.
THANK YOU for relating to me with such kindness, and frankness mixed with good humor.
THANK YOU for agreeing to do the surgery, and for emphasizing that it will involve a lot of work.
THANK YOU for applying to the procedure your giftedness and very high professionalism expressed in such a beautiful frame of humility.
THANK YOU for deciding to perform the surgery on the day that marked the beginning of a very holy period on the Jewish calendar.
THANK YOU for putting together a surgical team, comprising people who are highly skilled, warm, gracious, understanding and appreciative of good humor. I will never forget their kindness.
THANK YOU for sharing with us in prayer and for asking me to lay hands on and pray for the instrument that you would use to perform the surgery.
THANK YOU for bringing to bear upon the challenging procedure all your mental and physical energies, giftedness, high level of training and experience as well as a strong sense of dependence upon God.
THANK YOU for not damaging my “sense of humor” nerve.
THANK YOU for coming to see me at 6:20 on Friday morning.
THANK YOU for your parting words, “we will be friends for a long time.”
THANK YOU for expressing a desire to visit our church. 

Wishing you the very best,

Winston Stewart from Hempstead, New york

Bryant H., age 53

I am 53 years old and still in love with my wife of 32 years. We have five children and one precious daughter-in-law. I am the pastor of a church in Alabama. Our youngest child left for college and within a week of her departure I was told that I had prostate cancer.

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 12 years ago, so I have been diligent about getting my PSA checked every year. The score had almost doubled in one year. My primary care doctor sent me to the urologist immediately. My urologist set an appointment for me to have an MRI, which indicated large lesions one on each side of the prostate. A biopsy confirmed cancer and we began exploring options. I decided on surgery after several weeks of agonizing over the potential side effects of incontinence and impotency. We met with a very good surgeon in Alabama who had performed over 3000 robotic procedures. The problem was when we discussed the fact that I had previous abdominal surgery. When my wife asked what would be done if they were not able to get through my scar tissue she was told, “we would close him up and come out to discuss other treatment options.”

The next day my wonderful wife contacted Dr. Samadi by email. She had been researching things “behind my back” and was very impressed with Dr. Samadi’s technique and stats. The very next day, a Saturday, Ann in Dr. Samadi’s office called to set up a phone call with Dr. Samadi on Sunday. On Sunday Dr. Samadi called me. He too asked me about previous abdominal surgeries and said, “Don’t worry, I am confident that I can take care of this for you.” He was true to his word and he took care of it.

I am now two weeks out from surgery. The cancer is gone and I have experienced tangible proof that impotency will NOT be a problem and continence has improved measurably every day.

Dr. Samadi’s statistics and the SMART Technique are NOT hype! He personally did my surgery from start to finish. He met with us at 6:30 the morning of surgery, personally walked me back to the operating room, introduced me to his team.

While I was in recovery, Dr. Samadi walked up to my room to speak to my wife and daughter in person. He then came to my room that evening to check on me! What a wonderful physician and gifted surgeon!

Everyone, without exception, treated my wife, and me as if we were the only people for whom Dr. Samadi was caring. The office team: Ann, Rosy, Esther, Lena, Aida and everyone was outstanding in attentiveness, compassion and professionalism.

The wing at Lenox Hill is first class. The nurses: Camille, Carrie, Samira…oh what a blessing!!!!! And Renee at the front desk was my personal cheerleader as I did my laps up and down the hall. The food that my wife ate was excellent in both preparation and presentation!

Thank you everyone!!
Bryant H. from Alabama

Paul, age 62

Two years ago, I underwent radical prostatectomy surgery performed by Dr. Samadi. For all the men & women who fear the surgical side effect, I urge them to see Dr. Samadi.

He’s not only a brilliant surgeon, but he’s an available and compassionate person with whom you can trust your life and health. I strongly recommend that if anyone is facing with prostate cancer, please don’t be afraid. Give a call to Dr. Samadis’ office and meet his excellent team ready to support your special needs.

I am grateful for everything and feel healthy because I have returned to a completely normal life.

Paul from Long Island

David Elliott, age 64, prostate cancer survivor

Reflecting on life, I have come to realize just how precious it is, and how in a split second, it could change drastically and not for the better.  After all, “we are just visiting here.”

I am in the autumn of my career in the telecommunications industry, with nearly 46 years of service.  Over the course of my career, I have worked side-by-side with many wonderful people.  Unfortunately, many have passed on, mostly from cancer, and way before their time. Their pictures hang in our reporting room where we gather every day, in memory.  I, a cancer survivor, realize how fortunate I am to have had the winning combination of faith, as well as you, as my doctor.  While my lab results are of the utmost importance, you have always stressed the importance of family in the recovery process.  You are never too busy to take the time to ask how I am doing, and to check in on my family as well.  As you are aware, I come from out of state and look forward to my well visits.  I was thrilled to see you in the September issue of New York Magazine, Castle Connelly’s Top Doctors.  I now can put a face with a name and tell my friends and family “this is the man who saved my life.”  Thank you for giving me a second chance.

David Elliott

Bernie, age 79, diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer

At age 79, I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and referred by my urologist to Dr. David Samadi. Though leery of my status as a robotic surgery candidate, weeks later I sat before Dr. Samadi for an appointment I will never forget. With a reputation that precedes him, Dr. Samadi was described to me as a “magician” who “should wear a cape when he enters the room.” It felt imperative that he operate on me; my life depended on it.

During the appointment, my wife Marlene by my side, it was clear that Dr. Samadi saw me as a whole person, not just a 79 year old with aggressive prostate cancer. We talked about my lifestyle, my exercise routine, my sexual behavior and my overall health. I left that appointment with a surgery date on my calendar and a strong optimism about the procedure ahead.

Throughout the entire process Dr. Samadi’s team was remarkable. Tressa and Anna walked us through surgery preparation and invited us to call with any questions. We had questions, we called and they were always answered with warmth, understanding and respect.

The big day, June 27th, finally arrived with an early start. During the procedure, the anesthesiologist was by my side and Dr. Samadi was seated a short distance away at the robot. Though very anxious, I was quickly put at ease by Dr. Samadi’s entertaining bedside manner. In the OR he shared that he and his wife had just heard the song, “That’s Amore” the night before. As he began to sing, the anesthesiologist and I joined in and before I knew it the surgery was over and I was in recovery.

My surgery required an overnight stay in the hospital where my wife and I were given a private room. I had very little post-operative pain and was walking within hours after the procedure. My discomfort was easily managed with Tylenol. The most uncomfortable part of my recovery was the catheter that stayed with me for eight days. Even still, I was able to cook for my family and recover comfortably at home. Shortly after my catheter was removed I experienced a small bump on my road to recovery, a urinary tract infection. After a second catheter for less than a week I was incident free.

For about a month and a half after surgery I experienced some minor incontinence that was easily managed by occasionally wearing a pad for men, mostly during the night. My wife and I resumed sexual activity and though things are somewhat different, there is every indication that it will soon be a normal enjoyment. I am exercising regularly with light workouts three to five times a week.

During my recovery, Ann, one of Dr. Samadi’s assistants, suggested I buy Marlene some jewelry to show my appreciation for her dedicated post-op care; I took her advice. Just six weeks after surgery I got a present of my own – a near-zero PSA level.

Marlene and I are now looking forward to living our normal, happy and very busy lives. We are forever grateful to the “magician” Dr. Samadi, his life-saving robotic surgery and his willingness to look beyond my age and treat me as a whole patient.